PWP Landscape Architecture

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Justin Jackson

Justin is a licensed landscape architect with several years of experience in design and horticulture. His desire to create public spaces that connect people to their landscape is heavily influenced by his passion for plants and interest in place-based design. Combining his background in both design and public horticulture, Justin is interested in the reclamation of ecological systems and creating spaces that add social, economic and environmental value to the urban landscape. Justin recieved a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia and an Master of Landscape Architecture, with distinction, from Harvard University.

Laurel Hunter

Laurel is a landscape designer with 13 years experience in the field of landscape architecture and planning. She has worked on many complex projects, including the 9/11 Memorial, and has a strong background in sustainable design and planting. Laurel has experience with a broad range project types and scales, including the design of corporate headquarters, campus master plans, civic spaces, streetscapes, hotels and resorts, and garden design. Laurel received her Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University.

Cornelia Roppel

Since 2003, Cornelia has coordinated complex, large scale national and international projects for PWP from beginning to end. She brings both design and management skills to long-term projects in the master-planning, schematic and design development phases. She has the ability to carry projects from vision to detailed design so that it is coherently ready for the construction document phase. And she is particularly interested in creating spaces to work and rest in. Before coming to PWP, she bagan her career in Germany where she worked for such distinguished employers as Latz-Riehl Partner in Kassel, Germany, and has taught Vectorworks at the University of California and University of Kassel.

Chris Walker

With two decades of experience in owning an animation studio, Chris specializes in pre-visualization at PWP, supporting visual development of all phases of projects and competitions. He originally came to PWP to assist with workflow efficiency, focusing on image and project catalog management. In order to continue keeping the studio up-to-date, he is developing an in-house media center, where all staff can come to view and develop renderings and animations, as well as learn tools and processes in 3-D modeling and image & data management.

Janet Beagle

Janet has fifteen years of experience working as an executive assistant at PWP. She is responsible for the office schedule and office travel and oversees the production of outgoing office documents.

Kazunari Kobayashi

Kazu has worked in the PWP accounting department for more than 18 years and has served as assistant of network administration since 2001.