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2 Murray Road


Hong Kong

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Henderson Land


Zaha Hadid Architects 


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>2 Murray Road

Working in close collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects, PWP Landscape Architecture has conceived the Green Oasis, a lush and exotic landscape that will immerse visitors in a multi-sensorial experience. An architecture of highly refined materials and forms will be complemented by a landscape that highlights the uniqueness of the site, featuring exciting, yet elegant, plants, art, and water features.   
The Green Oasis is located in the heart of Hong Kong’s buzzing financial district. The compact site is surrounded by vital public open spaces and a network of pedestrian bridges and walkways. Visitors to the site are greeted with a sequence of choreographed landscape experiences and views that engage and help orient participants. A uniquely tailored landscape approach was developed for the project to ensure the highest impact on day one and the long-term sustainability of the landscape vision.


Renderings by Arqui9, MIR, PixelFlake.