PWP Landscape Architecture

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Stanford University James H. Clark Center


Palo Alto, California

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Stanford University


Foster & Partners



The Clark Center was designed to encourage cross-disciplinary research in physics, bioengineering, biochemistry, computer science, and medical research. The landscape furthers the goal of encouraging meetings and discussions among the students and professors from various disciplines. The building—raised on a grass berm to increase the perceived size of the lawn—includes a partially paved, partially grassed courtyard with a grove of robinia trees and a series of monolithic granite blocks that serve as benches. To the west, a grassed terrace surrounded by a redwood grove provides privacy for dining and outdoor meetings. To the east a curving lawn is studded with mature live oaks. Pedestrians meet each other on balconies that serve as outdoor halls leading to office and laboratory doors. There is no single front door.


Civil Engineer: Brian Kangas Foulk; Architect of Record: MBT Architecture