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Quzhou Sports Campus


Quzhou, China

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Quzhou West District Development Committee


MAD Architects


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The Quzhou Sports Campus Park will be a unique spatial and visual experience unlike any other. Covering the activity structures lies a sophisticated, surreal park with a dynamic three-dimensional form. The interior of the park is grass that surrounds the lake and lays out continuously over both the level areas and the hills of the athletic facilities producing a feeling of strange emptiness. The interior park mainly is left open with a few sculptural trees to produce a surreal effect. Trees here are generally feature specimens planted singly or in discrete rows and clumps.Specific play fields such as basketball, tennis, volleyball and badminton are ringed with grass and ground cover mounds so that the visitor is surprised upon each entry. Also mounded is a small Children’s Spray Pool. Additional mounds (see plan) animate the central plain. Surrounding the “mountains” is a paved path system that provides service to the buildings as well as fire and emergency access. This path system can also provide for running, biking, and strolling visitors. A series of minimal additional paths connect through the park to the building entrances. The paving should be pervious asphalt or concrete. The lawn is utilized for pedestrian movement wherever possible. Surrounding the park are a series of wooded “forests” that frame entry views of the “mountains” and also partially screen neighboring buildings from within the park. Various long timbered pine, Chilean Araucaria and forest bamboo form these park entry edges. In the Phase 2 future area, the bamboo forest may be found, the Cypress and Iris Bog Eco Sponge area along with a series of partially hidden special- play areas suitable for children and adults. These include various mirror mazes, a rain garden with glowing stones, mist bowls, a glowing stone climbing hill and serpentine mirrors that turn the visitor visually upside down.Beneath the surrounding forests are a series of distinct and brightly colorful ground covers and wild yellow “hedges” mark the park edges and major entries. At the base of the Natatorium sits a “magenta” sand beach with a heroic monumental sculpture that can be seen from all parts of the park. A series of tree shaded, paved and turfed plazas have been placed at each major entry of the park and buildings.  At the crest of several “mountains” are placed respectively, a shaded viewing grove on the Gymnasium with a ring of seasonal plum trees and viewing amphitheater. The lower elevations of the “mountains” grades are 3:1 and suitable for seating and children’s play.