PWP Landscape Architecture

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Jane Gillette

Jane keeps an archive of National 9/11 Memorial items and edits whatever comes across her desk. She received a Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude, from Vassar College and a doctorate in English Literature from Yale University. She writes short stories and teaches a graduate class in the Theory of Landscape Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley.

Hannah Greendorfer

Hannah completed her B.A. at Skidmore College with an Environmental Studies major and Geoscience minor. In 2018, she received her MLA from UC Berkeley. During her undergraduate career, Hannah became increasingly interested in urbanization and the design of cities. She was admitted to the International Honors Program, “Cities in the 21st Century” and traveled internationally to compare sustainable environments and planning strategies in densely populated areas. The urban renewal and restoration projects in each area fascinated her, as did the many distinctive cultures. As a graduate student, she interned with the Bureau of Street-Use and Mapping at San Francisco Department of Public Works, Design Workshop in Los Angeles, and at Mithun-Solomon in San Francisco. In addition to working towards her Masters of Landscape Architecture at UC Berkeley, Hannah worked as a nonprofit educator, assisting with exhibit design and creating strategies for drawing visitors into specific learning spaces. Hannah is particularly interested in the interplay of people and space and feels strongly that adaptable, place-specific design solutions are the core of healthy and socially responsible design.

Bootsie Kim

Bootsie is PWP's official office dog. She has over 5 years of experience sitting, rolling over, and napping, both in the US and South Korea. Bootsie is particularly interested in the intersection of food and the floor and lectures regularly both in and out of the office.

Kai Ng

Kai recieved his BS in Enviornmental Studies from UC Berkeley and his Masters in Landscape Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, his studies emphasized the connection between communitites and their shared spaces in an urban environment. Growing up in the immense urban density of Hong Kong inspired him to create landscapes on a human scale. Kai is also interested in the application of technology in landscape architecture. His senior research project, “Into the Fogscape” merged narratives and data with landscape in an augmented reality environment creating a synthetic vision that alters the experience of fog and its ecological values. Prior to joining PWP, Kai worked as a video producer and motion graphics designer in Cambridge.

Reid Steiner

Reid Steiner is the IT manager at PWP. He’s been employed in varied industries throughout the Bay Area for 20 years. He focuses on facilitating productivity levels and data management. In his capacity at PWP, he is able to work closely with all team members to quickly resolve issues while strategizing for further technological advancement.

Andrew Ward

Andrew Ward, a native of the Bay Area, received his BA from UC Berkeley in Peace and Conflict Studies. He comes to landscape architecture from a career in the performing arts, where he has taught, performed and directed locally and internationally. Andrew received his Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennslvania, where he was awarded the Faculty Design Process Award. With the design of landscape architecture, he seeks to combine and enhance the social and ecological systems of a place to create resilient, adaptive landscapes. 

Charlie Yue

A diverse educational background allows Charlie to merge landscape architecture with his interests in art, history, and mathematics. In the landscape architecture practice, he believes in the logic behind simple aesthetic designs and high sensitivity in using landscape materials. Before PWP, Charlie worked at PGADesign in Oakland, California. Charlie received a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley, where he participated in the creation of the Ground Up Journal, Issue 8. He also holds a Master of Arts from the Academy of Art in San Francisco and a Bachelor of Engineering from Beijing Forestry University.